Kevin's Testimony

The Early Years
Kevin Lucier was born in Detroit, Michigan on October 30, 1960. His family moved to the suburbs just before the riots. He got his first guitar soon afterward and began to play by ear. His Dad was stricken by a stroke and his Mom was a psychiatric patient for many years. When he was 10 years old, his Dad died of lung cancer and he had to move between relatives a lot. Soon involved in drugs, at 13 years old he was selling and addicted to morphine and temporarily ran away to Florida. At 15, after a fight with police, he was sent to live with his sister in Pennsylvania.

The Conversion
After moving to Pennsylvania, Kevin wanted to get his life together. He played guitar in a bar when he was 16.  Life was empty and he wanted to find an answer for the world’s problems. After graduating from high school, he hitchhiked across the United States. While in jail for a week in Las Vegas, he read the book of Matthew in the Bible. When he saw what Jesus taught and how Jesus lived, he realized he needed to change. On December 31, 1978, he walked into a mission in Las Vegas and prayed and gave his life to Jesus and received God’s forgiveness and a new  life.

New Life
When he went to sleep that New Year’s Eve night, he had a peace which has never left him since. He knew that if he died he would be in Heaven because of what Jesus did for him. He also felt free from the bondage of sin. Upon waking up on January 1, 1979, he resolved to turn his whole life over to God. He gave up his guitar for a Bible and hitchhiked around the U.S. sharing the good news about Jesus. He was changing as a person and saw  many miracles by God. He worked in a mission as a musician and preacher and went to Bible College studying music. He also studied business and earned academic scholarships. He studied the Bible from beginning to end many times, but the new life wasn’t always easy.

Life After Conversion
Kevin worked for many inner-city missions and played music in different churches. He got married and had two sons, Joshua and Caleb. He also drove trucks to make a living. His wife divorced him after seven years of marriage and he lost everything except his faith in Jesus. Jesus was all he needed to get him through. He saw God do many miracles for him. He worked for several more inner-city missions and churches and then married his second wife. After building his own home recording studio, he made his own CD in 1998 called “Hot Fudge Sunday” which he recorded entirely on his own. Then there were offers to minister throughout the USA and the world through music. Kevin began to start a church on the beach and performed on TV shows and was interviewed on radio, but he quit everything to take care of his wife for seven years through a liver transplant and two heart attacks, but she died of MRSA in 2008. A bizarre chain of events led to watching all the nations of the world agree at the United Nations to a global government and Luciferian global religion by the end of 2015. Focused on studying the Bible prophecies about this, and completely devoted to going wherever and doing whatever God wanted, he was led to write a book about how Bible prophecies are happening in the world right now. The book was never planned but just happened from researching, getting information out to people all over the world, and getting new insights from other people. You can download the third edition of the book on this website for free, or buy it in print at Amazon.com