August 1, 2017

Greetings and Blessings in the Lord Jesus

Where The Music Ministry Is Going

Thank you for your prayers. I have written and published a third edition of a book I wrote on how bible prophecies are happening right now. The book is now called The Last Hour : Bible Prophecies Explained. You can buy the book at Amazon.com You can also read it online here at my link for The Last Hour. Time is running out and as many people as possible as quickly as possible need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be warned about the signs of the times.

I went through some extremely traumatic tragedy related to my time in Pakistan preaching the Gospel, but God has been close to me all the way. I learned to listen to God's Spirit and not lean on my own understanding or to listen to other people who are not listening to the Spirit of God. I have learned to spend time everyday listening to what God is saying to me and following what He has put in my heart. His Spirit lives in the heart of everyone that lives by faith in Jesus Christ and He will move you through what He puts in your heart.

Thanks again for your prayers. God speaks to us in many ways and walks closely with us when we are in the fire for Him.

UPDATE August 1, 2017 - Thank you for your prayers and support for my trip to India. I just returned from my second evangelistic trip to India. This time I spent one month and preached the Gospel in over 20 new villages, leading over 200 people to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is the message of the love of God in Jesus Christ that gives people eternal hope, changes their eternal destiny, and gives them a new heart and life of love. I also helped in a new children's school which has about 35 students from poor Hindu homes, helps them with their homework, and teaches them the Bible, Christian songs, and prayer in Jesus' Name. They also feed the students dinner. This is done six days a week. This ministry is run totally on faith in Jesus, and God miraculously provides. People who help in the work and donate are miraculously blessed in accordance with the promises of God. I'm waiting to see where God will lead me next.

Love and Blessings in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior

Kevin Lucier